Structured Packing



    Intra-Pakâ„¢ ``PS`` Series

    An industry standard sheet metal which is available with specific surface ranging from below 125 m2/m3 for high capacity to more than 750 m2/m3 for high efficiency applications. The standard angle of the corrugations is 45° [referred M1] and 60° [referred M2], also high capacity structured packing [referred MH] are also fabricated in INTRA.

    Metal Structured Packing provides high capacity, low pressure drop and good wettability in many process columns.



    • Ideal for vacuum services
    • Very low liquid loads (< 100 L/m2h) are possible
    • Low pressure drop per theoretical stage
    • High separation efficiency owing to larger mass transfer area
    • Good wettability of the packing surfaces
    • Superior compressive strength






    Intra-Pakâ„¢ ``PG`` Series

    This type of Structured Packing is made of mesh type gauze woven by metal wire and is mainly used to enhanced separation characteristics for fine chemicals, perfumery, and pharmacy. It is normally manufactured with very high surface area [500 m2/m3 and 750 m2/m3]



    • Superior wetting ability owing to capillarity
    • High separation efficiency /High number of theoretical stages
    • Lower specific pressure drop
    • Small liquid hold-up



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