Separator Internals

In any processes where gas and liquid come into contact, the gas will entrain some tiny liquid droplets. These mists can result in process inefficiency, product loss, and serious equipment damage.
To solve the problem, vapor-liquid separator devices are used in Oil & Gas industries either to protect downstream equipment which is sensitive to liquid droplets (compressor, etc) or to lower product loss and pollution emission.





Mist Eliminators provide huge surface area per little volume to separate liquid mist without creating limitation against vapor flow.


Two main categories of separator drum internals which are provided in INTRA are as below:

  • Intra-Meshâ„¢ Mist Eliminator (PM series)
  • Intra-Vaneâ„¢ Mist Eliminator (PV series)


Design of each separator drum internals has its own complexity and specifications which requires extensive knowledge of vapor-liquid physical properties, separation efficiency, eliminated droplets size, capacity, etc. To have a comprehensive understanding of separation process, each separator has to be considered as a new design case with unique requirement.



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