Random Packing




    (Equivalent with Pall Ring)

    The second generation of random packings includes the Pall Ring which is one of the most common type of packings, it is already an industry standard design media developed from the Raschig Ring and is used widely in all variety of applications and modern distillation practice.



    • Most experienced random packing in industries and research institutes
    • Improved strength by proper material thickness
    • Lower pressure drop rather than Raschig Rings







    (Equivalent with IMTP)

    This generation of random packing media designed to give enhanced capacity and increased efficiency over the older style Pall Ring packing.

    This type of packing combines the high void fraction and the well-distributed surface area of the Pall Ring with the low aerodynamic drag of the saddle shape. This kind of random packing is used widely in separation columns. By comparison to the PR Series, IntraRingâ„¢ IR series provides a more open shape and improved liquid spread, also produce adequate mechanical strength resistance



    • 30% lower pressure drop rather than Pall Rings
    • More efficiency and capacity rather than other random packings
    • Minimum liquid hold up
    • Well surface utilization in transfer phenomena
    • Shorter packed bed height.
    • Outstanding mechanical strength







    (Equivalent with Raschig Ring)

    RR-IntraRingâ„¢ has cylindrical design and is the first generation of random packings.





    Carbon Raschig Ring

    as one of the most common and generic type of packings provides a corrosion resistance ,thermal shock resistance, and high temperature stability conditions.



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